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Production Facility

Production Facility

OEM & ODM SERVICE.Supply Chain Integrity

V.H.S Enterprises offers a manufacturing Facility location in Sialkot Pakistan, allowing for greater flexibility throughout the entire supply chain.  This is extremely important, especially with the threat of potential global pandemics and an increasingly complicated geopolitical environment.

​Our Sports Gloves, Leather Gloves Sportswear manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Sialkot Pakistan, maximizing our adaptability in facing the ever changing circumstances on a global scale. Maintaining supply chain integrity is our utmost priority as are keeping costs competitive and increasing capacities to meet our customers’ increasing volumes. 

​Localization is key to an uninterrupted supply chain and V.H.S Enterprises is greatly invested in building strong localized supply networks through direct local sourcing of materials and trims as well as in surrounding countries as well as creating additional vertical components to our existing infrastructure.

​V.H.S Enterprises is geared to grow and evolve together with you as a strategic partner. 

"Our gloves and sportswear production facilities are strategically placed to provide our customers with flexibility and adaptability to benefit their supply chains."

To provide our customers with flexibility and adaptability to benefit their supply chains. Our factories meet compliance standards for safety, labour, health and environmental regulations as set forth by the local governments. And together with our skill and experience in the gloves manufacturing, V.H.S Enterprises will always deliver and exceed our customers’ expectations.